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In-company course

Do you want to improve the communication between or with your employees? Choose an in-company Dutch course. We handle everything for you, all we need is a location to teach. We take care of the communication with the employees and present you with regular feedback moments on the progress.


At our locations

If you have employees on different levels or not enough for a full in-company course, they are always welcome at our regular courses. They will join one of our upcoming courses (see more), perfectly suited to their level. We keep you informed regarding the progress.

Benefits to take this course

All learning materials are included.

It will bring your employees together.

The time and location are flexible.

Better communication and integration with employees.

Increases expertise.

We customize the course to the student needs.

You give your employees the possibility to develop.

The employees will become more efficient.

Improves teambuilding.

Allows development and growth of your employee and your company.


Edu-Dutch partners


From 2013 we offer Dutch courses on different levels. From beginners to preparing you for the official Dutch exam “NT2 Staatsexamen”. We offer group courses in different locations in Holland, individual courses and online courses. We also offer courses for employees at the work location (in consultation with the employer).

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