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Dutch Language Courses for companies

We can organize a Dutch language course for your employees:

  • Do you want to improve communication between or with your employees? Choose a Dutch course in your company and workplace.
  • We will take care of everything: we will check the level of language proficiency, organize classes, provide learning materials and motivate the students.
  • All we need is a place to conduct classes, a room with a TV or a flipchart.
  • We take care of communication with employees and we will regularly inform you about the progress of your employees.

Your employees can also participate in courses at our locations:

  • If your employees are at different levels of Dutch proficiency or the group is too small to organize a full course in your company, we invite your employees to our group courses online or onsite (Lelystad, Deventer). 
  • Employees can join one of our scheduled courses perfectly suited to their level. 
  • We will keep you updated on their progress.

Companies that trust us

Benefits for you, your company and your employees

The course will improve communication and integration between employees.

Learning the Dutch language will enable the growth and development of your employee and at the same time will contribute to the development of your company.

The Dutch language course organized by the employer for its employees is a very nice and appreciated initiative.

By giving your employees a chance to develop by learning Dutch, you will make them stay in your company longer.

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