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Learning Dutch

How to learn the correct pronunciation in Dutch?

How to learn the correct pronunciation in Dutch? Have you ever had the courage to say something in Dutch and it automatically said "Sorry, wat zeg je?" (excuse me, what are you saying?) And right after that your confidence dropped, you got embarrassed and quickly went back to English, thinking deep down: "Shit, he didn't understand me..." Oh, not once

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jak najszybciej nauczyc sie holenderskiego
Learning Dutch

How To Learn Dutch Fast

What's the best, fastest and most effective way to learn Dutch? You often ask us for advice on learning Dutch. Learn Dutch Pada daily as soon as possible. Many people are looking for the "golden mean" - a method that will allow them to learn the language quickly and easily. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that will guarantee you learn a language quickly. Learning a foreign language is a demanding process

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5 powodow dlaczego warto nauczyc sie holenderskiego
Learning Dutch

5 reasons why you should learn Dutch

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Dutch Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands and Belgium, where it is the official language. In Belgium, it shares this status with French and German. Dutch is also spoken in Suriname, a former Dutch overseas territory in South America, where it serves as one of the official languages. In addition, Dutch is spoken by smaller sections of the population in Germany,

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