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Kursy holdenderskiego stacjonarne

The Dutch language course spans a duration of eight weeks, with a total of 8 sessions, each lasting for 2 hours. Participants are provided with a comprehensive workbook containing exercises, as well as access to our online platform for supplementary resources. For beginners, instruction is offered in either Polish-Dutch or English-Dutch, while advanced students benefit from lessons conducted entirely in Dutch by a native speaker. Upon completion of the course, participants take an online assessment, and upon successful completion, receive a certificate verifying their proficiency level. Our courses are conducted in small groups of 8-10 students, ensuring personalized attention, and are offered in Lelystad, Deventer, and other locations.

Kursy holenderskiego online

You can learn Dutch from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer, laptop or telephone and Internet access. The course consists of 8 two-hour sessions. You will receive an exercise book and access to an online platform with additional materials and recorded lessons. At lower levels, lessons are conducted in Polish-Dutch or English-Dutch, and at higher levels - entirely in Dutch. After completing the course, participants take an online exam, and after passing, they receive a certificate confirming the level achieved. Courses are held online via Zoom in small groups of 4-7 students.

Kursy e-learning języka holenderskiego

You can learn Dutch on your own, at your own pace and in your own time, wherever you are. In our online courses, we translate grammar step by step, we learn words and phrases using videos and recordings. In addition, we have prepared a lot of tasks that will allow you to practice, repeat and remember the material. Written assignments are checked by a teacher with whom you have constant contact and who will always answer your questions. After completing the course, you have the option of taking an online exam, and after passing it, you will receive a certificate confirming the level achieved. E-learning level A0-A1.1 is now available, we start on June 5th!

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Michał KrzystanekMichał Krzystanek
19:04 15 Aug 23
Dominik TrzcińskiDominik Trzciński
18:35 31 Jul 23
Tom VikingTom Viking
05:51 25 Jul 23
Polecam serdecznie. Bardzo dobra szkoła!
Oleksandr VietoshkinOleksandr Vietoshkin
14:25 24 Jul 23
Niesamowite holenderskie doświadczenie w nauce!Miałem już kilka kursów online nauki holenderskiego (stopniowo podnosząc swój poziom) z Edu-Dutch: wszystko, począwszy od komunikacji, książek, materiałów do nauki, aż po filmy, podejście do studentów i egzaminy jest po prostu fantastyczne.Zdecydowanie, warto poświęcić czas i pieniądze. Dziękuję Edu-Dutch - świetnie sobie radzisz.
18:03 05 Jul 23
Bardzo sympatyczni nauczyciele oraz wszyscy są pomocni jak najbardziej polecam
Michał MroczkowskiMichal Mroczkowski
12:32 15 Jun 23
I would like to recommend the Edu-Dutch school with all my heart ❤️ Professional approach, great communication and simply everything at a high level. I have individual online lessons with Mrs. Kinga and I am very happy. I recommend to everyone who wants to learn Dutch well!!!😊💪
Monika KaczmarekMonika Kaczmarek
21:45 04 Jun 23
I wholeheartedly recommend Edu-Dutch and Jelmer, a wonderful, fantastic and very motivating and able to explain teacher!!! If you are motivated to learn a language and pass your exams on the first try, only with Edu-Dutch!!! Thanks to you, passing all 4 exams the first time at the highest level turned out to be easier than I thought and it was a great adventure for me. Thank you!!!
Angelika KurasAngelika Kuras
15:57 29 May 23
I recommend the Edu-Dutch school! I am currently on my second course at school and I can already see progress in my Dutch language skills 🙂 Language lessons are conducted in a variety of ways, grammar rules are explained clearly and with the right intensity. During the classes we practice writing, reading, speaking and listening. I sincerely recommend this school to everyone who wants to start their adventure with learning the Dutch language!
06:52 May 24 23
Very nice activities. Not only can you learn Dutch, but you can also learn many interesting facts about life in the Netherlands. I am waiting for the next edition of the course because I will definitely continue learning. The groups are small so the teacher has time for everyone. You learn grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing and reading. In a really nice atmosphere. Greetings to my teacher Mrs. Karolina.
Katarzyna JakobikKatarzyna Jakobik
20:21 03 Apr 23
Jestem bardzo zadowolona z nauki na kursie języka holenderskiego wEdu- Dutch ...polecam z całego serca 😍 trzeba mieć dobre chęci do nauki i wszystko ładnie główka zapamięta.Nauczyciele cierpliwi i dobrze tłumaczą . Cieszę się że uczę się od Najlepszych nauczycieli 🥰😍🥰😍
Cherrygirl XoCherrygirl Xo
08:57 12 Feb 23
Edu-Dutch is the best choice for beginners and those who already know a little bit about the Dutch language. The teachers are very nice and teach very well. The atmosphere in the lessons is great. So if you are planning to start or you already have some knowledge, this school will be the perfect choice :)
Aneta WolniakAneta Wolniak
17:22 08 Jan 23
If you are thinking about starting to learn Dutch, choose Edu - Dutch. They are great and professional teachers. Kinga a great person 🤩. This is a showcase of this school that encourages and introduces you to the secrets of the language. Jelmer super professional teacher 🤩. Always with great ideas and prepared for every question. Edu - Dutch motivates to act 👍
Nicola TomaszewskaNicola Tomaszewska
19:26 19 Nov 22
I recommend Edu-Dutch! I'm after the first course, I'm starting the next one tomorrow 🙂 Mrs. Kinga is a very nice, understanding and patient person 🙂 I really like the form of online classes 🙂 I recommend it with all my heart 🥰
Sylwia DzwonkowskaSylwia Dzwonkowska
17:49 14 Nov 22
I wholeheartedly recommend the lessons. I used to have a bad attitude towards online classes, but thanks to Edu-Dutch, I changed my attitude. Lessons conducted in a very nice atmosphere, the program is clear and understandable and Mrs. Kinga is very patient with students 😇. Thanks again and I can't wait for the next class!
Angela m.Angela M.
18:53 03 Nov 22
I love them for their professionalism and approach to people who want to learn. When I came to them in 2018 and Kinga said that their students start talking after about 1.5-2 I didn't believe it but actually at that time I started using the language myself and it works and I recommend it ❤️✌️ And now my Dutch is at the level B1 You just have to really study.

Why Learn Dutch?

You will increase your chances of getting a more attractive and better paid job.

Every day matters, such as shopping in the store, talking at school, or visiting the doctor, will become easier.

Establishing contacts and enjoying the attractions of the Netherlands will become more fun and easier.

Want to Learn Dutch? You're In The Right Place! At Edu-Dutch we have Dutch courses for all levels

  • At our school, you will learn the Dutch language in the way that suits you best. 
  • We have many years of teaching experience and we really love to do it!
  • We will motivate you to achieve your goals.
  • We will support and inspire you to learn.
  • You'll see great results in no time and soon you'll be able to speak Dutch fluently!
Kursy holdenderskiego stacjonarne
  • We offer Dutch language courses for adults at various levels - from beginners to preparation for the NT2 state exam.
  • We have a wide range of courses. You can choose to take face-to-face classes at one of our centers, online classes with a tutor, or self-paced e-learning.
  • The first levels are conducted in Polish or English, which makes it easier to understand the materials.
  • Check out our course offer - you will surely find the best course for you!
  • Read about our courses and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Questions? Contact us!
  • We will be happy to help and advise you in choosing the right course.
  • Sounds good, right? So don't wait any longer and start learning Dutch today!

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Meet us

Kinga & Jelmer

Hi! I'm Kinga and I come from Poland. I have been teaching Dutch for 10 years. Sharing knowledge in an easy and understandable way is my passion! Since I personally also learned Dutch and then studied in Dutch, I am sure that I will motivate you and inspire you to learn. My lessons are varied in various forms of learning and there is always a cheerful atmosphere in the classes. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll fall in love with Dutch as much as I do!

Hi! I'm Jelmer and I come from the Netherlands. I have been teaching Dutch for 8 years. Conducting classes and helping others to gain new qualifications is my passion. I have a lot of experience in teaching, I am characterized by high patience, clear explanation, and clear pronunciation so that you understand me well. Classes focus mainly on speaking, but also on grammar and learning new Dutch vocabulary. Do you want to take the NT2 state exam? I'll help you get ready!

See you in class!

Edu Dutch Szkoła Języka Holenderskigo

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